Burnely v Arsenal Player Ratings

Almunia- 4.5
Does not fill me with confidence. Caused a back header early with a lack of communication, and looked bad on the goal disallowed. Also, he can’t kick the ball out.
Wasn’t there for me attacking wise.
Seemed to get burned once or twice. Missed a header at the end, didn’t perform well.
Needless challenge for the penalty. His first bad Arsenal game.
Can’t defend, can’t pass, can’t cross. I would much rather have Eboue or Tom Crusie at Left back.
How much we missed him when he went off. Was the driving force of the attack, and should’ve had a second. How much will we miss him? Hopefully, only misses the Hull City game.
Worked hard, made some of the best passes, defended well. Most consistent Arsenal player
Seems to give the ball away too easily, and his first touch is poor. Still, I guess he’s needed for the physicality.
Didn’t create enough when we needed him.
Got too isolated in the attack, had one shot from the top of the penalty box that he his straight at Jensen.
Got isolated too easily, and really really poor. I know he’s coming back from injury, but he was poor against Chelsea, and Olympiakos, and Liverpool. He can’t beat defenders, and makes the wrong decision at times.
Didn’t do anything. Had one run where he pulled out when Jensen came out, which I think is fear of his leg.
Couldn’t replace Cesc adequately enough, though few do. He looks promising, but still needs to develop.

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